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No Business like Snow Business

We started this family business in 2001 in Carrollton, Texas. We thought it would be something the wife & kids could manage.  We didn't even hire any employees at first, not knowing just how busy we might be. We opened on a Sunday afternoon at 3:00.  Oh, Wow! We opened our doors and just minutes later we realized Sunday would always be our busiest day of the week!  Did we mention, we really didn't know what we were doing?  Making a good looking snow cone is an art.  It is not as easy as you would think.  In the beginning, our snow cones weren't exactly shaved to perfection the way they are today.  However, our customers obviously didn't mind!  They came & came & just kept coming.  The loyal citizens of Carrollton, Texas gave us a chance to figure things out.  We quickly had to hire quite a few talented employees.  The wife & the 2 young kids just couldn't handle it on their own.

We are proud to report, 2021 marks our 20th season in the business.  We have 3 shaved ice stands & a trailer stand that gets pulled around the DFW Metroplex participating in many different festivals & events.

Our main goal is to offer a great product with exceptional customer service!

We have appreciated each & every customer along the way. Some customers even pass other shaved ice stands to drive to Carrollton, Texas just for our ice! We have enjoyed our family business  & have had so much fun over the years!

Every Texan should love the fact that even in over 100 degrees, every day can be a snow day!